Accreditation / steering of outpatient services

CSS welcomes a long-term approach to the recognition of outpatient service providers, which contributes to cost containment – especially in the context of shifting volumes from inpatient to outpatient treatment. However, giving the cantons additional powers in managing outpatient care will only be justified if the cantons co-fund outpatient care under a uniform system of financing for outpatient and inpatient services (EFAS).

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As a health partner, we are committed to leading a healthy life, actively taking steps to regain one's health and developing a mindful approach to illness.

Being healthy
We help our clients find and maintain their balance, physically and mentally.
For a healthy life
Becoming healthy
We help anyone who is ill or has medical questions to find their way through the maze and quickly get the answers they need.
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Living with illness
We have additional offers that encourage a mindful approach to chronic diseases.
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