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As market leader, the CSS Group contributes to advancing the Swiss healthcare system with its «im dialog» publication on health policy.

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The magazine openly addresses important topics and sensitive issues and initiates debate among decision-makers in the healthcare sector – without being blinkered by ideology. CSS is motivated by the knowledge that sustainable solutions for our healthcare system can only be achieved through conversation.

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We would all like to receive the best treatment when we fall ill. And by best treatment we mean treatment in which every step is coordinated, every service provider knows what the other has already done and the patient is well-informed about each individual step. Put like that, it sounds so simple. But, despite years of discussions, we are still a long way from achieving it.

Reason enough to devote the 2/2020 issue of the «im dialog» magazine to the topic of integrated care. We explore various aspects of coordinated healthcare: What could various models look like? And – what needs to be done to ensure integrated care can be implemented effectively?