«im dialog»

As market leader, the CSS Group contributes to advancing the Swiss healthcare system with its 'im dialog' publication on health policy.

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The magazine openly addresses important topics and sensitive issues and initiates debate among decision-makers in the healthcare sector – without being blinkered by ideology. CSS is motivated by the knowledge that sustainable solutions for our healthcare system can only be achieved through conversation.

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Have you ever thought about your health data? At present, our sickness and health data is strictly protected. It might not end up in the wrong hands to be used against us. That’s a good thing. However, current data privacy regulations also prevent this data from being used for us. This is a missed opportunity - not just from a business point of view, but also in medical terms.

So when it comes to using data, how can we have our cake and eat it too? And how can we avoid compartmentalising without losing protection? These questions are addressed in the next issue of 'im dialog'.