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With attractive framework contracts and a wide range of services for promoting and managing health in the workplace, you can be sure that you and your staff are well taken care of.

Workplace health

Burnout syndrome

More than just a feeling of being overwhelmed: it is also a call to look inwards.

Tracing the causes
Mentally ill

How can an employee’s psychological problems be detected early?

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Non-stop stress on the mind

Mental load is the burden of having to remember all the little things that need doing.

Reducing the mental load
Frau giesst Blumen

The quiet power: Personality traits have an effect on how we view the world.

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The correct way to lift and carry heavy weights
To lift and carry

We often find ourselves having to lift heavy objects. It's essential to use the right technique.

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Eating a healthy lunch

How can I eat healthily and nutritiously at work?

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Stress at work affects younger workers – why?
Stress at work

Workers in Switzerland are increasingly suffering from psychological problems.

Mann arbeitet am Computer im Homeoffice
And suddenly so much is possible

The coronavirus requires working from home and flexible working forms.

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