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Stay healthy – look after yourself now

Our good health is one of our most precious possessions. This is why it's so important that we take care of our health. We can do a lot for our physical and mental health with sufficient exercise, a healthy diet, preventive measures and selected preventive examinations. We know, it's not easy integrating all your good intentions into everyday life and sticking to them in the long term. You should find your own way of doing this, a way that works for you. We help you do this with a financial contribution and specific offers. Find out more about these offers on these pages. 

Immune system – a health tip for you

Immune system – a health tip for you

It's not so difficult to boost your immune system the natural way. Let us show you six simple tips to get your immune system back on track.

Boosting your immune system (in German)

Pregnancy & maternity

New life has started. Aside from the joy and astonishment about this miracle, new parents quickly become concerned about questions regarding their insurance cover and the payment of costs before and after the birth. We are at your side on this journey. 


Fitness centre subscription & courses

Being fit and feeling good don't mean the same to everybody. Many people like training in a fitness studio, while others prefer doing sport outdoors or at home whenever they have the time. Regardless of your preference, we contribute to a wide range of exercise offers, helping you stay healthy and improving your physical well-being.

Health Account – contribution to costs

Prevention & promotion

Our health is affected by many factors, some of which we can control, for example by following a healthy lifestyle or avoiding unnecessary risks. You can have a check-up to check the state of your health, while a preventive measure such as a vaccination is the most effective way to protect yourself against infectious diseases. Depending on your age, other preventive measures may also be a good idea.