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Yoga & nutrition – contribution to yoga, etc.

Do you go to yoga regularly, or are you thinking about taking nutritional advice? We will pay a share of your course costs.

Our additional benefits for you: Health Account (other offers)

Contribution* to yoga, nutritional advice, etc.

  • Economy: 50%, max. CHF 150 per calendar year
  • Balance: 50%, max. CHF 250 per calendar year
  • Premium: 50%, max. CHF 500 per calendar year

Contribution to costs – the details

Depending on the level of benefits provided by your Health Account (Economy, Balance or Premium), we’ll provide financial support for courses such as yoga stress management, and nutritional advice, etc. – anything to give you personal support.

The Health Account will cover the cost providing you have not already used up the maximum Health Account allowance in other areas (familyfitnessor exercise).

Offers Recognised providers
Yoga Members of Swiss Yoga (Yoga Schweiz) and teachers recommended by the Swiss Yoga Association, Qualitop, CSS-recognised providers
Autogenes Training Members of the Swiss Society of Physicians and Psychotherapists for Autogenic Training and Related Procedures (SGAT), Qualitop, CSS-recognised providers
Sophrology (group courses and counselling) Members of Sophrologie Suisse, CSS-recognised providers
Stress management/MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) Recognised psychologists and psychotherapists, doctors (specialising in psychiatry) and paarlife, CSS-recognised providers
Emergency and first aid courses First-aid associations, Swiss Army Medical Youth Association (SMSV), SRC, SSK (Swiss First Aid Corps), SRS (Swiss first aid training), ESU (École de Secours d’Urgence)
(group courses and individual advice)
Members of the Swiss Association of Registered Dieticians (SVDE-ASDD), holders of the dipl. ErnährungswissenschafterInnen ETH dietician qualification, hospitals (outpatient nutrition advice), rebalance offer for lasting weight loss, CSS-recognised providers
Breathing Members of the Swiss Association of Middendorf Breathing Therapists (SBAM), members of the Swiss Association of Breathing Therapists (AFS), Qualitop, CSS-recognised providers
Medical check ups Doctors
Medically recognised preventive vaccinations and vaccinations for holidays and foreign travel Doctors. Please note: Insured persons with myFlex Insurance do not receive contributions towards vaccinations from the Health Account, but rather from myFlex Outpatient Insurance
Tobacco withdrawal Cancer League, Swiss Anti-Tobacco Centre, Swiss Association against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, Life and Health League, cantonal health offices, lung leagues, Liechtenstein Cancer Aid, Allen Carr’s Easyway stop smoking courses
Training for the bladder and pelvic floor All providers, unless CSS is aware of adverse reasons
Zilgrei Method Members of the Zilgrei International Association, CSS-recognised providers
Bechterew gymnastics and swimming Members of the Swiss Bechterew Disease Association (SVMB), CSS-recognised providers
Gymnastics and swimming for the heart

Recognised Swiss cardiac groups. Swiss Cardiology Foundation

Moving forward with confidence (psychosocial support programme), exercise and sport for cancer patients Swiss Cancer League
Exercise and sport for cancer patients Swiss Cancer League
EduKation demenz Course leader for EduKation demenz
Course on coping with dementia Swiss Red Cross SRC Canton Vaud
Course on self-management and health literacy for chronic illness Evivo (Careum Foundation)
Basic course for caregiving relatives (Migros) Migros Club School

Health Account – the idea

People who look after their health deserve support. That is the idea behind the additional benefits that we pay to promote health and prevent illness. This includes financial support for activities in certain defined areas.

Further details on contributions to yoga, nutritional advice, etc.

  • For our customers with a BMI greater than 25, who either have type 2 diabetes or simply wish to actively change their diet, we offer the mycoach nutrition programme as a supplement to the Health Account.
  • All CSS-recognised providers are easy to find in the benefit check section of the myCSS client portal or myCSS app. Our Contact Centre will also provide the information you need over the phone.
  • Claim your refund: as with every invoice, you can send us your bill by post, or photograph it using the myCSS app and send it in online.

Do you have any questions?

Our client specialists will be happy to answer your questions in person.