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Sunscreen, for the sake of your skin

Everybody loves feeling the first rays of sunshine on their skin on a warm spring day. But the sun's rays are very powerful and it's important to protect your skin. Protected skin is also healthy skin. In addition to wearing sunscreen, time spent in the shade, clever clothing and sunglasses are the most important safety measures. Enjoy the sun in moderation and well protected – for the sake of your skin.

Special care is needed when you are taking medication. Some substances in medication affect the skin's sensitivity to the sun and can lead to sunburn and painful skin reactions. 

Careful when taking medication

  • Your medication's package insert provides information on the possible risk of sensitivity to light. Read this insert carefully before taking your medication for the first time.
  • Ask your doctor or your pharmacy if sun exposure is allowed with your medication before you go on vacation.
  • If you cannot do without your medication, reduce the dosage after consulting your doctor.
  • Follow the well-known precautionary measures and protect your skin against UV radiation with good clothing and a strong sunscreen if you are worried.
  • Avoid tanning beds, as they expose you to a very high dose of UVA rays.

Further information about the perfect protection

The sun is one of the most important givers of life. Without the sun, life on earth wouldn't be possible. But the sun's rays are not always good for us. Those who are often exposed to the sun can suffer health problems and skin damage, such as skin cancer. When it comes to skin cancer caused by sun exposure, Switzerland is one of the ten most affected countries. Those who follow the most important rules can sustainably protect their health.