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Living with illness – Seek help

Being diagnosed with a long-lasting illness can really throw you off your stride. You suddenly find yourself facing a large number of challenges: changing your daily habits, taking medication, coordinating the many steps in your treatment with different specialists or coping with the illness in public. Consistent treatment and compliance with therapeutic measures can help ease the symptoms and prevent secondary illnesses. Self-management, confidence in dealing with your condition and structured, coordinated treatment all make everyday life easier.

Arthritis – a health tip on exercise

Arthritis – a health tip on exercise

According to medical literature, arthritis is incurable. That’s why we don’t talk about curing it, but treating it. Many patients have been so successful in managing the pain and restrictions that they scarcely feel any impairment.

Arthritis of the knee (in German)

Make living with illness easier

This requires a deeper understanding of the illness, a lot of discipline and professional support. We have made it our goal to support you along the way by offering the assistance you need.