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Pregnancy & maternity

Pregnant? Pregnant! As an expectant mother, you’ll face lots of questions during a pregnancy: What do you have to tell your health insurer? What examinations do you need to have and what medication does it make sense for you to take? We'll help to answer your questions.

Notifying CSS of your pregnancy

You don’t have to tell us you are pregnant. We can see that you are expecting just by looking at the invoices you submit.

Prenatal enrolment – For a safe start in life!

Taking out insurance for your baby before the birth has two major advantages for you as an expecting parent: your child is protected from day one and will be admitted to the supplementary insurance plan without any restrictions.

Register unborn child

No co-payment from the 13th week of pregnancy

No co-payment is charged for general medical services and care services if you become ill from the 13th week of pregnancy until 8 weeks after the birth – as specified in the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act. Your gynaecologist will calculate when the 13th week of pregnancy begins and enter the date on their invoice.

Medicine and vitamins during pregnancy

During pregnancy and while breastfeeding, you will need to take additional vitamins and minerals. These food supplements are covered under your supplementary insurance on a pro rata basis, provided they are indicated and medically prescribed.

Trust in your doctor’s recommendation. Contact us on 0844 277 277 if you have any questions about benefit coverage. We’ll be happy to inform and advise you in person.

Pregnancy & birth– what does CSS pay?

When pregnant, the question of insurance cover naturally also applies to the expectant mother and not just the child. We have summarised all the maternity benefits provided by CSS Insurance for you.

What hospital do you trust?

Where would you like to give birth? In hospital, at home or in a birth centre? If you plan to have your baby in hospital, we recommend taking a look at the QualiCheck ratings, which compare various clinics.

QualiCheck – acute-care hospitals compared

Frequently asked questions

Do I have a free choice of gynaecologist?

Yes. You are free to choose your own gynaecologist – no matter which basic insurance model you are insured under.

Are the costs of first trimester screening covered?

Yes, this prenatal test is performed to check for the risk of trisomy 21, 18 and 13 by measuring the baby’s nuchal translucency in an ultrasound examination (12th-14th week of pregnancy) and screening the mother’s blood; the results are evaluated in relation to other factors affecting the mother and foetus (including the mother’s age).

When is trisomy screening (non-invasive prenatal test/NIPT) covered?

Mandatory healthcare insurance covers this test for the purpose of detecting trisomy 21, 18 or 13 from the 12th week of pregnancy in single pregnancies, if an increased risk is identified. Increased risk exists where there is a greater than 1 in 1,000 chance of abnormality.

I’m going to take a break from work. Do I need to adjust my insurance?

If you work for less than 8 hours after returning to work at the end of your maternity leave, you must include accident cover in your basic insurance.

Does CSS Insurance pay a breastfeeding allowance?

Yes. The breastfeeding allowance of CHF 200 per child is paid under the mother’s supplementary insurance if:

  • one of the following types of supplementary insurance is held: CSS Standard Insurance, CSS Standard Plus Insurance or myFlex Outpatient Insurance.*
  • your child is also insured with us. *Please note: If you have myFlex Outpatient Insurance, your child must also have the same insurance.
  • you have breastfed for a minimum of 30 days.

You can order a breastfeeding certificate by calling 0844 277 277.

Does CSS support antenatal and postnatal courses?

Yes. Both mandatory healthcare insurance and supplementary insurance provide for a contribution to the cost of these classes.

  • Basic insurance: Maximum of CHF 150 for antenatal courses
  • Supplementary insurance: Pregnant women with outpatient insurance and myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance enjoy financial support for prenatal and antenatal classes under the Health account.