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Checking your medical bills

By carefully checking each medical bill that you receive, as a patient, can help to avoid unnecessary costs – and have a positive effect on your premiums. CSS cannot know exactly what treatment you received. You are the only one who is able to check certain items on your bill and notify CSS of any irregularities, e.g. the reason for treatment is incorrect. Many thanks from CSS for checking the points set out below.



Personal details:
Is your date of birth and address correct?


Attending service provider:
Is the service provider who treated you stated correctly?


Reason for treatment:
What prompted the treatment: illness, accident, maternity or preventive health measures?


Rate code + units:
Describes the nature and quantity of items that are being billed:

  • Check the medication item: are the pack size and the number of packs you received correct?
  • Check the length of treatment: Does the time given correspond roughly to the total duration of your treatment?
  • Check the aids item: Were you given a whole pack, or just one bandage?


Is the date of treatment correct?

How to check your bill

  1. If you have not received a copy of the invoice, request one from your doctor or hospital, or from CSS Insurance directly by calling 0844 277 277. The service provider is required by law to provide you with a copy.
  2. Check through the points A – E that are described on the front of this page.
  3. If anything is incorrect or unclear, please do not hesitate to call the CSS Contact Center on 0844 277 277, or the service provider, to request a corrected bill.

The refund process

Send the bill to the following address (do not enclose a payment slip): CSS Insurance, Service-Center, P.O. Box 2550, 6002 Lucerne

Note on fixed sums for emergencies

A fixed emergency sum may be requested only if the specialist deals with or seeks out the patient immediately. The flat-rate fee may not be claimed if you had to wait in the waiting room or at the hospital‘s emergency unit.

Other service providers

Bills from other service providers such as physiotherapists may be set out differently.
Whatever the format, you should always check the following points:

Inpatient treatment

Personal details, attending service provider, reason for treatment, date


Medication, pack size, number of packs, reason for treatment


Personal details, reason for treatment, date, number of sessions

Alternative medicine

Type of therapy, duration, service provider, reason for treatment


Duration of care, services billed, dates services provided,
nursing supplies, medication