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Insurance for cross-border commuters in Switzerland

In accordance with the bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the EU/EFTA countries, those who qualify as cross-border commuters in Switzerland generally also have to take out insurance in Switzerland (place of work principle). However, cross-border commuters from Germany, France, Italy and Austria have the right to choose their insurance. If you wish to remain insured in your country of residence, you can apply to be released from the obligation to take out health insurance in Switzerland within the first three months of taking up your new job.

Benefits for cross-border commuters

  • CSS offers cross-border commuters the option to take out insurance under Swiss law via its EU/EFTA Basic Insurance product.^
  • In Allianz, CSS has a strong partner for cross-border commuters from Germany, France and Austria. 

Premiums & discounts

You can take out insurance under Swiss law via the EU/EFTA Basic Insurance product. It is not possible to take out supplementary insurance in accordance with the VVG (Federal Insurance Contract Act) in this context.

Further details for cross-border commuters

Together with Allianz, CSS Insurance gives cross-border commuters from Germany, France and Austria the option to be insured in their country of residence. During an advisory consultation with a specialist, your personal insurance requirements are analysed and the best possible solution is identified.

  • Complete the address finder form and send it to info.grenzgaenger@css.ch.
  • The specialist Allianz agency will then contact you.

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