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Basic insurance benefits

In Switzerland, the benefits from basic insurance are the same for all insurance companies and for all insured persons. So no matter which insurance model you have, you are covered for the statutory basic benefits in the event of illness, accident and maternity.

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Overview of benefits from basic insurance

The following list provides you with an overview of the benefits and is not exhaustive. The actual details are determined by your health insurer's regulations in accordance with the Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG) and by the Act itself.

Outpatient treatment / Classical medicine Cost coverage according to the tariff, in the whole of Switzerland, for treatment by recognised doctors, chiropractors, dieticians, midwives, logopedists, physiotherapists, ergotherapists, nurses and nursing auxiliaries
Outpatient treatment / Alternative medicine Acupuncture, anthroposophic medicine, Chinese medicine, homeopathy and phytotherapy: Costs are covered according to the tariffs prevailing at the canton of residence or at the place of work for treatment by recognized doctors with an FMH qualification in the discipline of complementary medicine
Hospitalization Cover for all costs in the canton of residence according to the KVG (public hospital/acute hospital) unlimited as to sum or duration in the general ward
Health promotion / Prevention In accordance with article 12 of the Ordinance on the Benefits of Obligatory Health Care Insurance
Benefits abroad Cover for costs incurred in emergencies for outpatient or inpatient treatment in the general ward up to a maximum of twice the tariff of the canton of residence in Switzerland.Special conditions apply in EU States (incl. Iceland, the Principality of Liechtenstein and Norway) as determined in the Bilateral Agreements
Medicaments Medically prescribed medicaments on the list of generic drugs maintained by the Federal Office for Public Health (BAG), the list of medicines with tariffs or the Speciality List
Spa cures / Convalescence cures Spa cures: CHF 10 per day, 21 days per year plus medical costs
Convalescence cures: only medical costs
Maternity / Breastfeeding 8 check ups, 2 ultrasound examinations for a normal pregnancy, home birth or hospital birth, prenatal courses maximum CHF 150, breastfeeding advice maximum of 3 sessions
» Detailed information about the maternity benefits
Apparatus Contributions to apparatus according to the list “Apparatus and Devices
Preventive examinations / Vaccinations Contributions to preventive health measures e.g. vaccination of children, preventive gynaecological examinations, etc.
Transport and rescue costs Cost of transport: 50% of costs, max. CHF 500 per calendar year
Cost of rescue: 50% of costs, max. CHF 5,000 per calendar year (Switzerland)
Glasses / Contact lenses Up to 18 years of age: CHF 180 per year with a medical prescription
Home nursing / Care in a nursing home Costs are covered for examinations, treatment and nursing care prescribed by a physician and carried out at home or in nursing homes by recognized Spitex organizations
Dental treatment Costs are covered for serious jaw disease or if treatment becomes necessary because of a serious general illness. Initial treatment in case of accident (if accident cover included)
Psychotherapy Costs for psychotherapy by a doctor