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Multimed – telemedicine & the family doctor model combined

Multimed is an alternative insurance model under mandatory basic insurance. Thanks to a variety of options, it always offers you precisely the point of contact you need if you should fall ill: your family doctor and our telemedicine centre, on the one hand, and digital support for your treatment, on the other. The consistent exchange of medical data between your family doctor and the telemedicine centre avoids both gaps and overlaps in your treatment, and ensures that you receive the best quality of care. You can choose your own family doctor from the Multimed list of doctors. Multimed is available in cantons LU, BE, BS and BL from January 2020 onwards, and there are plans to extend it to further cantons as of 2021.

Our product for you: Multimed

The advantages of Multimed

  • Initial consultation with your chosen family doctor or the telemedicine centre; further treatment coordinated by the same
  • Make your appointment online via myCSS
  • Digital support from myGuide throughout your treatment
  • You can consult an ophthalmologist or gynaecologist without a referral from your coordination partner
  • The two coordination partners share information to ensure the best possible medical provision for you

Premiums & discounts

Premiums depend on where you live, your age and what deductible you choose. With Multimed, you profit from a reduced retention fee of CHF 400 instead of CHF 700 per calendar year, as well as from a 7% discount if accident cover is excluded. In return, you undertake always to contact one of the coordination partners first with your health concerns. If you have to consult a different doctor in an emergency, you must notify your family doctor within ten days. And if you need any follow-up treatment, the coordination partner must be informed before the treatment starts.

Follow the tips under "Save on health insurance premiums" to choose the insurance product that is best for you.


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