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Long-term contract bonus

A contract term of 1, 3 or 5 years may be selected for supplementary insurance products. We give you a premium discount on contracts that run for more than one year.

Term Premium discount
1-year contract 0%
3-year contract 2%
5-year contract 4%

Which supplementary insurance products enjoy a discount?

Frequently asked questions

Is a 3 or 5-year contract automatically renewed on expiry of the contract term?

No. The long-term contract bonus automatically lapses at the end of the 3 or 5-year contract term. The law only allows contracts to be extended automatically by one year at a time.

However, it is possible for you to renew a 3 or 5-year contract.

As a new customer, can I already benefit from the long-term contract bonus?

Yes, even as a new customer you can benefit right away from the long-term contract bonus.