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CSS Insurance

Supplementary insurance

Supplementary insurance always complements mandatory basic insurance based on your needs and enables you to close any gaps you may have in your basic cover. Because it is voluntary, this type of cover is available only if the person undergoes a medical examination.

Supplementary insurance for complete cover

More than 80% of the resident Swiss population has at least one supplementary insurance product that covers outpatient and/or inpatient hospital care. Others, such as those covering alternative medicine or dental care, may be added according to need.

Supplementary insurance is subject to a risk assessment. Depending on the information given, further medical information may be required. If you are already insured with another general health insurance company, we recommend waiting for confirmation of admission from us before terminating your existing insurance. We will make every effort to communicate our decision quickly.

We will also be happy to help you choose your personal insurance cover.


Flexible supplementary insurance with myFlex

Our myFlex plans are designed especially for those who would like comprehensive and seamless cover for outpatient, inpatient and alternative treatment and offer a wide range of protection for every budget and need.

Further supplementary insurance products for even greater protection

Dental treatment, in particular, can become very expensive. But the financial consequences of an accident or a disability can be even more severe.

Supplementary benefits when combining products

Taking out several types of supplementary insurance from us entitles you to additional benefits right away. The Health Account is dedicated to health promotion and preventive measures. Private Assistance is your personalised advice and support service.

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