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CSS Insurance

myFlex Alternative Insurance

Alternative Insurance offers extended cover outside the realm of conventional medicine – the ideal supplement to basic insurance.

Our product for you: myFlex Alternative Insurance – Economy, Balance or Premium

Benefits of Alternative Insurance

  • Free choice from numerous CSS-recognised therapists and methods
  • Generous maximum amounts of up to CHF 10,000 per year
  • Benefits provided without a doctor's prescription
  • No deductible: participation in costs from the first franc

Premiums & discounts

Premiums depend on your gender and age. Children benefit from a 25% family discount.


Benefits from Alternative Insurance

What type of cover is important for you? Compare the three categories now and find the right product – closely tailored to your personal needs and budget.

  Economy Balance Premium
Outpatient / inpatient treatment and medication
75%, max. CHF 1,000 per calendar year
75%, max. CHF 3,000 per calendar year
75%, max. CHF 10,000 per calendar year
Treatment with restricted cover (massages) 75%, max. CHF 200 per calendar year
75%, max. CHF 600 per calendar year
75%, max. CHF 2,000 per calendar year

Further details about Alternative Insurance

myFlex Alternative Insurance lets you benefit from many alternative therapies found in complementary medicine.

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