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myFlex Outpatient Insurance

Outpatient insurance offers comprehensive cover in the case of any non-hospital treatment. It is therefore the ideal supplement to basic insurance.

Our product for you: myFlex Outpatient Insurance – Economy, Balance or Premium

Benefits of Outpatient Insurance

  • Worldwide cover for emergencies
  • Insurance option for elective outpatient treatment worldwide
  • Contributions to eye laser operations
  • Worldwide repatriation in emergencies as well as Legal Protection Insurance for Patients and Legal Protection Insurance while Abroad
  • Advantage for children: Contributions toward orthodontic treatment

Premiums & discounts

Your premiums depend on your age. With an Economy plan, children get the full family discount (75% in the case of a Balance or a Premium plan).


Further details about outpatient insurance

myFlex Outpatient Insurance is a form of supplementary insurance that fits your own personal needs exactly – with flexible options to choose and change.

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