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CSS Insurance

Commitments on the part of CSS Insurance

As a leading health insurance provider, CSS lives up to its responsibilities in many different ways. All of its commitments have one thing in common: the insured persons always take centre stage.

Politics & science

CSS Insurance is politically engaged in promoting a system of healthcare that is founded on sustainability and solidarity. Thanks to competition that makes sense for the economy as a whole, all insured persons benefit from a high and efficient standard of service. To foster the continual development of the healthcare system, CSS Insurance supports the CSS Institute and the CSS Health Lab.

Commitment to you

A central commitment for us is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers – because satisfied customers are our greatest asset. That is why, for example, we are committed to reducing the number of unwanted telephone calls from brokers.

Financial support

As a sponsor, CSS supports the Swiss Alpine Club SAC as its healthcare partner. It is also the main partner of the Märchenwanderung series of fairytale hikes, provides a Family Corner at a number of football stadiums, and is show partner of the Family Circus of the DAS ZELT touring show. Our programme of social engagement includes the CSS Foundation and the charity Theatergala.