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CSS Insurance

Editorial Policy

Breadth of information

CSS Insurance regularly and openly provides information on the course of its business, its products and services, as well as its position on healthcare policy and topics of relevance, and issues topic-specific guides.

Quality and transparency

The company places quality above quantity and provides transparent information. Content is researched with the necessary due care and attention by editors who are experts in their field and is published to the best of our knowledge and belief, without the influence of personal interests or outside motives. It is regularly reviewed and updated.


Content is generally available in French, German and Italian.


Under no circumstances do we accept any liability for published content. We explicitly draw attention to the fact that published health information contains only general indications and does not in any way replace an individual medical diagnosis, treatment or therapy. For binding information, CSS Insurance refers you to the application forms, policies, the regulations for insurance plans pursuant to the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act and the General Insurance Conditions.


Responsibility and competence for all content lies with the editorial staff of CSS Insurance.

Conflicts of interest

Potential conflicts of interest between authors are looked into but not published. There are generally no authors involved who may have potential conflicts of interest.

Supplementary conditions

The Terms of use and Privacy Policy provide you with further important information on accessing the CSS webpages.