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Recommending CSS to business partners

Are you happy with the service provided by CSS Insurance, and would you like to recommend us to others? If you recommend CSS to your business partners, you will receive a reward for each successful referral.

Frequently asked questions

What steps does this involve and how do I fill out the forms?

A client advisor will contact the company you mention and provide a non-binding quote. We would be happy to make a personal appointment – provided it benefits the interested person.

How high is the reward?

For daily sickness indemnity insurance, mandatory accident insurance, UVG supplementary insurance and Global Business Traveller insurance, you will receive 15% of the annual premium invoiced (up to a maximum of CHF 5,000 per year).

When will I receive the money?

As soon as the company you recommend has accepted a quote from CSS Insurance and paid the first premium, you will receive your reward.

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Did you know?

Please feel free to recommend us to a number of companies. There is no limit.