Traditional Chinese medicine TCM

A system of treatment which originated in China around 6'000 years ago.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the body as a fully connected system in which all parts of the body, organs and organ systems are linked to each other by a series of energy pathways, or meridians. A person is described as healthy if all of their energies are in harmony and balance. In TCM, illnesses and their symptoms are understood as disruptions to the flow of energy (qi, pronounced "chi") around the body.

Chinese medicine has a number of treatment methods to correct imbalances in the flow of qi, such as acupuncture, moxa, Chinese tuina massage, cupping, and Chinese herbal medicine.


To balance the flow of energy (qi) around the body


Insured persons with the appropriate insurance cover profit from favourable conditions if treatment takes place at a TCM centre run by a partner firm.

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