Up to the mountain hut

Ab in die Hütte Ab in die Hütte

There’s no shortage of hiking trails in the Alps – but how can we get children to enjoy hiking? A trip to a mountain hut provides stunning views and is something different. And with a delicious dinner and an overnight stay, it will be an unforgettable adventure.

Adventure: hiking

Quite honestly, did you enjoy hiking as a 10-year-old? The answer is often: “Not so much.” This is because children are always looking for an adventure and need something different when out on a hike in order for it to be fun for the whole family. For unforgettable experiences, a trip to a mountain hut run by the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) will do the trick. CSS client Andrea Federer knows what a great incentive staying in a hut can be: “Spending the night in a hut is what motivated our children to put their hiking boots on.”


Lots of fun for young and old

Andrea's family hiked from the Göscheneralp to the Bergseehütte (mountain lake hut). “The last part was a steep uphill climb. But seeing the destination ahead, our children, Kai and Dylan, managed it,” Andrea recounts. And before dinner, there was still time to explore the surroundings: “The hut keeper gave us a treasure map and we set out to find a hidden crystal.” Some huts even have climbing frames and zip wires.


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Inside the hut

And once inside, hikers discover a charming atmosphere, such as when flames flicker from wood-fired ovens. In smaller huts, the limited space doesn’t provide much privacy, but instead allows you to enjoy the company of like-minded people and make new friends – at the latest when eating dinner together. The hut keeper’s recipes were popular with Andrea’s family: “We really enjoyed the food!”. The hut menu often includes a nutritious soup or a local speciality, sometimes even a dessert. Bedtime is 10 pm at the latest.


New adventures

Do you also like the sound of going up the mountains and spending the night in a hut? The brochure “Über alle Berge” and the map “Hütten der Schweizer Alpen” offer ideas for exciting hikes and hut stays – for young and old alike. And if you're insured with CSS, you can stay in a hundred SAC huts at cheaper rates, i.e. at SAC member rates. So, choose your hut, reserve your date and off you go – nothing is standing in the way of a great adventure!

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