Types of sport

Endurance, strength or ball games – discover new types of sport and benefit from expert knowledge. As your health partner, we encourage a healthy lifestyle and pay a share of your spending on sport.

Bikers on hiking trails

Taking others into consideration: what bikers should note on hiking trails.

The rules
Mental training when biking

Bikers not only need muscles but mental strength too.

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Street Racket

Marcel Straub tells us in an interview what excites him about Street Racket.

Discover the game

Videos, tips and tricks: Find more flexibility, strength and relaxation.

Here’s how
Snowshoe trails

10 simple tours with tips for preparation and planning.

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Joggen im Winter: 9 Tipps für Sport an kalten Tagen
Jogging in winter

These tips will teach you the best way to train in winter and when it makes sense to take a break.

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Sport after giving birth

How to begin jogging again after a pregnancy.

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Ernährung im Ausdauersport: Trailrunnerin Kathrin Götz gibt Tipps
Nutrition and sports

Do they have to pay special attention to their nutrition?

Nutrition tips
Gender Medicine: Weniger Kreuzschmerzen beim Joggen dank Beckenboden
Incontinence when jogging

Many women suffer from back pain when jogging – and from incontinence.

To prevent this
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Tips for running

A few tricks can help you improve your running technique and enjoy the sport even more.

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