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Change your diet

Learn how to enjoy a varied, balanced and nutritious diet. Make long-lasting changes to your eating habits, get rid of those excess kilos and prevent disease – all with some expert help.

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The advantages for you

  • Personal support from a nutrition specialist.
  • Nutrition plan with the perfect mix of nutrients plus recipe ideas.
  • We pay 75% of the cost if you com­plete the programme successfully.

Good to know

Low cost
Changing your diet with the Uplyfe app takes 1 year and costs CHF 220.
Reduce weight
Say goodbye to dieting. Learn to deliberately change your eating habits long term.
Healthy everyday
Successfully ward off snack attacks and prevent disease.
Recipes for you
Get seasonal recipes – specially chosen to match your personal nutrition plan.

How the nutrition programme works

Change habits

No counting calories. The quick and tasty everyday recipes and practical shopping list help you change the way you eat. Exercise tips add variety to your day. And all conveniently in a single app.

Personal advice

You can chat with the nutrition coach for one month for free. They’ll take time to answer your questions and help you stick to your new eating habits. Together, you will find solutions and set goals.

Frequently asked questions

What does the offer cost?

Changing your diet with the Uplyfe app takes 1 year and costs CHF 220.

Does CSS pay a share of the costs?

Yes. Do you have a BMI of ≥ 25? Then we’ll pay 75% of the cost if you have supple­mentary medical costs insurance with CSS or Intras and complete the programme successfully.

How is success measured?

You measure your weight regularly during the programme and share your success with your coach.

I don't have a set of scales. What now?

Simply choose a pharmacist or doctor’s practice from the nutrition programme network. Three times during the programme period, this partner will measure whether the goals you agreed with the coach have been achieved.

Does CSS itself run the programme?

No. CSS is offering this programme in collaboration with Uplyfe AG.

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