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Patient surveys

A number of stakeholder groups focus on quality in healthcare. We believe that the voice of our clients should also be heard. That’s why we give them the opportunity to report on how they experienced their stay in hospital.

To the survey

And our clients are happy to share their opinions!

Around 40% of our clients take part in the satisfaction survey. The survey is conducted at the national level and for all types of care: from basic care levels 1-5 to university hospitals, etc.

Our team of experts is also happy to present the results to the service provider in question on request.

What do our clients say?

On the whole, clients are very satisfied with their stay in hospital or at a rehab clinic and appreciate the high quality that is delivered. What's more, there is little variation in the high degree of satisfaction, which is felt across the board. In other words, the differences described below are, in some cases, small and of no consequence. To summarise, the following tendencies emerged from the surveys conducted in 2019:


Men, the elderly, clients with supplementary («private») hospitalisation insurance and/or staying in a single room for planned treatment are particularly satisfied.

Women, younger people, (general) clients in multi-bed rooms and/or who were admitted to hospital due to an emergency, accident or maternity are among the less satisfied.

Factors influencing satisfaction
  • Gender: women are more critical than men.
  • Age: the older the group of respondents, the more positive the ratings in all categories (doctors, nursing staff, amenities, etc.) and, therefore, the more willing respondents are to recommend the hospital to others.
  • Insurance cover: clients with supplementary insurance (VVG), rate the treatment higher and tend to be happy to recommend the hospital to others. Nursing care is rated equally well by everyone, regardless of what insurance cover they hold. However, this element plays a role when it comes to assessing doctors (better ratings from clients with «better» / «higher» insurance cover)
  • Choice of hospital: if the hospital was recommended by someone the respondent knows or by a specialist, or if the hospital has a good reputation, this has a positive impact on satisfaction. A slightly less favourable overall verdict was reached if the hospital was chosen because of its geographic location.


When it comes to rehabilitation, both therapy and therapists receive a better rating than doctors. The main reason why women stay at a clinic is for musculoskeletal or pulmonary rehabilitation, while men are mainly there for cardiovascular or psychosomatic rehabilitation.

The elderly and clients with private insurance prove to be particularly satisfied.

Factors influencing satisfaction
  • Gender: Men and women give their stay equally good ratings overall.
  • Age: The older the group of respondents, the more positive the ratings in all categories (doctors, nursing staff, amenities, etc.).
  • Insurance cover: The vast majority of respondents have insurance for the general ward; however, those with private-ward insurance tend to give higher ratings. Whether or not those surveyed have supplementary hospitalisation insurance has only a small influence on how favourably they respond.
  • Choice of rehab clinic: Better ratings are given if the rehab clinic was chosen because of its reputation or because it was recommended by a friend, acquaintance or specialist.
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We are committed to quality and transparency in medical care. It’s our way of ensuring that our healthcare system remains one of the world’s best, today and in the future.

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