Doctors’ networks

Coordinated care not only makes for the best possible care pathway. It also encourages professional communication between doctors.

Optimising care, including for special patient populations such as the chronically ill, produces cost savings which we pass on to those we insure in the form of premium reductions.

Family doctors

When taking out Profit Family Doctor Insurance and FirstMed Family Doctor Insurance, insured persons choose their own personal family doctor.

The list of CSS-recognised family doctors mainly features primary care providers. These include general internists, general practitioners, paediatricians and specialists in adolescent medicine. The list is updated continually.

Frequently asked questions

How can I be included in the list of family doctors?

Please contact us using the form. You will be included in the list if you offer family doctor services.

How do I notify you of a change of address?

Changes of address should be reported to sasis AG. We will then be notified of the change and will amend our records accordingly.

I would like to change my inclusion status.

Use the contact form to notify us of your inclusion status.

I am giving up my practice and would like to have my name removed from the list of doctors.

Please use the contact form and also state the reason you are giving up your practice, as well as the name of any successor.

Second opinion doctor

Advances in medicine also make it more complex. As a result, treatment goals are being reached via an ever-greater number of pathways. A second opinion helps patients reach a decision by showing them possible treatment alternatives. CSS Insurance takes on a coordinating role here, offering its clients a simple means of getting a qualified second opinion. Thanks to digitised processes, the doctor giving the second opinion can read through all the medical notes quickly, easily and without incurring any costs. Data stays protected at all times.