Fitness: what CSS pays

Your fitness is important to us. Find out which costs CSS pays a share of: fitness memberships or cost of group courses.

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Fitness centres & group courses: participation in costs

Do you regularly go to fitness or like to train as part of a group? We actively promote your health. You need a Health Account to receive financial support.

How much you get

We pay a total of 50% a year towards group courses and fitness centre memberships – as long as they are providers recognised by CSS. The maximum amount depends on the offer level.

  • Up to CHF 150 through the Economy Health Account.
  • Up to CHF 250 through the Balance Health Account.
  • Up to CHF 500 through the Premium Health Account.

Is your course provider recognised?

Whether Pilates, dance or body pump – your course provider must be a member of TanzVereinigung Schweiz TVS. All providers with the Qualitop label, in the Fitness Guide, or with the Fit[Safe] or Course[Active] label are also recognised. If you have a fitness centre membership for strength or endurance training and classes, you can only claim the amount once.

Good to know: Do you regularly go to yoga classes? Your well-being is important to us. That’s why we also offer the Health Account Other – for contributions to your mindfulness.

Is your fitness centre recognised?

All providers with the Qualitop label, in the Fitness Guide (with a fitness centre rating of at least three stars) or with the Fit[Safe] label are recognised.

Examples of fitness chains recognised by CSS*

Activ Fitness AG, Basefit.ch, Fitnesspark, Kieser Training, Let's Go Fitness, Migros Fitness, Mrs. Sporty, Top-Gym, Med & Motion, Update Fitness, Kraftwerk City Fit, WellFit, EVO, Holmes Place, NonStopGym, Club Move SA, Get fit, Tech Fitness, Life Club, Active Fitness SA

* However, in the case of gym and fitness chains, not every location will automatically be certified. Please look up the myCSS Benefits Check to see which fitness centres in your local area are actually recognised.

Boosting your well-being – yoga and more

In addition to making contributions to your fitness centre membership or group course, we also help you to boost your physical well-being.