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Calculate your premium for health insurance

Premiums depend on where you live, your age and what deductible you choose. You can find the health insurance premiums in our premium calculator.

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Once again in 2024, CSS is the brand that Swiss people trust most.

Most Trusted Brand 2024

CSS took top place yet again in the Reader’s Digest «Trusted Brands» study in the health insurance category. 2,300 people throughout Switzerland took part in the survey.


Changing your health insurer couldn't be easier

Switching insurance provider is quick and easy. We'll be happy to advise you and help you with the cancellation procedure. Our tip: don’t forget your current health insurer's notice period.

Save on & optimise health insurance

Comparing premiums and adjusting your deductible are two popular methods of saving on health insurance costs. We have even more tips for ways to save on health insurance. Because CSS has the right solution for individuals, couples and families.

Tips on general health insurance


Hearing aids & insurance

When do IV and AHV contribute, when does general health insurance pay?

What’s that you say?

Birth defects

What does this mean? When does disability insurance (IV) pay? And health insurance?

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Cancelling health insurance

Important points to note when cancelling your health insurance.

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Accident or illness

How to close gaps, and which insurance covers the costs.

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Psychotherapy & health insurance

Psychological counselling and psychotherapy: what does health insurance pay?

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Tax return

How to deduct healthcare costs and premiums.

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Health insurance made simple

How the health insurance system is structured, and what you need to know.

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Welcome to Switzerland

Find out everything you need to know about the health insurance system in Switzerland.

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