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Supplementary health insurance

Supplementary insurance from CSS lets you cover medical expenses not paid for under basic insurance, such as a free choice of hospital ward, contributions towards glasses, alternative medicine or dental braces.

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The advantages for you

  • Supplementary insurance lets you increase the cover provided under mandatory basic insurance.
  • Medical advice is available 24/7 on 058 277 77 77.
  • Many health-related offers from CSS are free of charge if you have supplementary insurance.
  • Supplementary insurance from CSS lets you take full advantage of the enjoy365 Health Shop and the active365 rewards app.

Participation in cost of fitness, yoga and more

If you have both myFlex Outpatient Insurance and myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance, you benefit from the Health Account. We provide support – of up to CHF 800 per year – for your health-related activities through the Health Account.

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Questions about your health

When you apply for supplementary insurance, we need information about your health. We’ll get in touch as soon as we’ve made our assessment.

Wait to cancel

Do you already have supplementary insurance? Then play it safe and don’t cancel until you've received confirmation of admission from us.

Switching insurance

As a rule, you can give notice to cancel supplementary insurance products up to the end of Sep­tember. Check your policy: some contracts run for several years.

Health insurance premiums at a glance

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Personal advice

Get in touch for a personal consultation.

Close gaps with supplementary insurance


Laser eye surgery

I spy with my little eye – about contact lenses, glasses and laser eye surgery.

What we pay


Unmarried couples can plan ahead to ensure financial security.

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When and what health insurance pays for rehab or spa treatment.

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Illness and disability

These types of insurance pay out if you become seriously ill or disabled.

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Alternative Insurance

Alternative ways to ease complaints – what CSS pays towards comple­mentary medicine.

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Ski accident: who pays?

Valuable information on rescue services and insurance in Switzerland and abroad.

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