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Household Con­tents Insurance

Whether at home or away from home. House­hold contents insurance lets you protect your personal property against fire, theft, water, glass breakage and damage by natural forces.

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The advantages for you

  • Your household contents, including bicycles and sports equipment, are insured at new-for-old value.
  • Free advice by phone on ques­tions concerning Swiss law.
  • We arrange emergency assistance 24/7.
  • The myCSS client portal lets you access your documents at any time.

Good to know

Discount for you
10% discount if you're already insured with CSS. Plus, up to 5% for multi-year contracts.
Even cheaper
Enjoy a no-claims discount of up to 30%.
Unless otherwise agreed, your deductible is CHF 200 per loss event.

How household contents insurance works

Replaces what's important to you

We're here for you when things go to pieces. Household contents insurance covers the cost of:

  • Fire: fire, smoke, lightning, explosion and implosion, falling aircraft and spacecraft or parts thereof, damage through scorching
  • Natural forces: avalanche, storm, hail, snow pressure, flooding and high water, landslide, rockfall and rockslide
  • Theft: burglary, robbery and simple theft, malicious damage to property (vandalism) during burglary
  • Water: flooding inside buildings caused by mains water, rain, snow, melting snow, ground water and blocked drains, and by water beds, aquariums, oil from heating systems or oil tanks

As individual as you are

And the supplementary insurance options let you choose exactly the cover you need.

Frequently asked questions

Whether you're a tenant or owner, we recommend household contents insurance. It covers the financial damage associated with your personal property.

Yes. Refugees from Ukraine with S status are included in the insurance – regardless of whether you have cover for one or more people. This applies until they leave Switzerland or, at the latest, until their S status comes to an end.

This cover also applies at your holiday home if Household Contents Insurance was taken out for your holiday home before you took in the refugees.

Yes. You can take out supplementary insurance against the misuse of credit cards, bank cards, post office cards, SIM cards and customer cards, and benefit from the free blocking service.

Yes. You can also insure:

  • Simple theft away from home
  • Household contents accidental damage
  • Bicycle accidental damage
  • Glass breakage
  • Earthquakes
  • Misuse and blocking service for customer, credit, bank, post office and SIM cards

Unless otherwise agreed, your deductible is CHF 200 per loss event.

For damage by natural forces, such as hail, storm or flooding, the deductible for household contents is CHF 500 per loss event.

The insurance can be cancelled at the end of the minimum contract term by giving 3 months' notice.

Yes. Moving out of your parents’ house is the first step towards independence. We support this step with affordable insurance for young adults under 25.


Personal advice

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