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Dental Insurance

This supplementary insurance offers protection against the financial burden of dental care – from check-ups to orthodontics.

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The advantages for you

  • Up to CHF 5,000 a year for dental treatment.
  • Contributions towards x-rays, fillings, extractions, check-ups and dental hygiene.
  • Contributions towards orthodontics (braces) and dentures such as crowns, pivot teeth and bridges.
  • Dental Insurance lets you take full advantage of the enjoy365 Health Shop and the active365 rewards app.

Dental Insurance at a glance

Better protection

Together with myFlex Outpatient Insurance, we pay up to 100% of your dental bills.

Family discount

Insure your children under Dental Insurance and pay 25% less.

Without a medical certificate

You can take out Dental Insurance for children under 3 without a medical certificate.

Dental Care Insurance

This is the name of CSS’s dental insurance. You'll find it mentioned under this name on the policy.

How Dental Insurance works

Healthy teeth and a sparkling smile: you have to pay for practically all forms of dental treatment yourself. That can strain your budget – often to the absolute limit.

How much does Dental Insurance cost?

Premiums depend on your age and chosen option. Choose the one that best matches your budget and needs.

Teeth can cause pain – financially too

Whether going for a check-up, having a wisdom tooth removed or a crown or braces fitted – Dental Insurance covers costs up to the agreed maximum amount. You have 4 options to choose from: up to 75% of the cost of your dental bills and a maximum of CHF 5,000 can be covered.

Your premium at a glance

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Worth knowing about Dental Insurance

Basic insurance only pays in the case of serious jaw disease or dental accidents.

Close gaps in insurance

Dental Insurance closes gaps and protects you against high dentist’s bills. If you combine Dental Insurance with myFlex Outpatient Insurance you’ll be really well covered.

Dental assessment

To be eligible for this insurance, you need a certificate from your dentist confirming that your teeth are in good condition. Dental cover starts after a waiting period of six months – or one year for treatment involving dentures such as crowns, pivot teeth and bridges.

Waiting period: when does the insurance start paying?

Cover for your teeth starts after a waiting period of 6 months. For treatment involving dentures such as crowns, pivot teeth and bridges, the waiting period is 1 year.

Example of how to calculate dental benefits

  • myFlex Balance Outpatient Insurance: 50%, capped at CHF 12,000 per year (up to age 20)
  • Dental Insurance: 50%, capped at CHF 1,000 per year

Costs billed over 4 years

Billed amount
CSS's share
You pay
Year 1 CHF 4'000 CHF 3'000 CHF 1'000
Year 2 CHF 2'500 CHF 2'250 CHF 250
Year 3 CHF 3'500 CHF 2'750 CHF 750
Year 4 CHF 2'000 CHF 2'000 CHF 0

It’s worth combining: For example, in the third year you receive a dental bill for CHF 3,500. Outpatient Insurance assumes CHF 1,750 and Dental Insurance CHF 1,000. Which means you pay only CHF 750.

Overview of benefits under the 4 options

CSS covers this share of costs per calendar year:

  • Option 1: 50%, capped at CHF 1,000.
  • Option 2: 75%, capped at CHF 2,000 (excl. orthodontics).
  • Option 3: 75%, capped at CHF 3,000.
  • Option 4: 75%, capped at CHF 5,000 (with a retention fee of CHF 500).

Frequently asked questions

Dental Insurance can only be taken out in combination with basic insurance, myFlex Outpatient Insurance or myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance.

No. The risk of accident is included in the cover and cannot be excluded.

Send us the accident report with details of the dental damage. Your dental practice can notify us of the dental damage details directly via the dental damage claim form for service providers.