Frau scannt Einzahlungsschein mit Smartphone

Submit a bill

Want to submit a bill to CSS? Checking, paying, submitting – getting costs reimbursed couldn’t be easier.

Open myCSS

Submitting a bill with myCSS

  • Submit bills from service providers (doctors, hospitals, therapists, etc.) digitally in just a few seconds via myCSS.
  • It’s even easier with the myCSS app: take a photo of the bill, and you’re done.
  • You can see at any time whether the bill has already been checked and when it will be paid.

Advantages of myCSS


Protected access just like e-banking.

At a glance

All documents are stored in a single location.


CSS receives the bill immediately.

Sending the refund form

Pay the bill and send us the refund form.

Simply and quickly via myCSS

You can scan the bill and upload it directly to the myCSS client portal or myCSS app.

Sending the bill by post

You can send us the bill by post to the following address:

Postfach 2550
6002 Luzern

Good to know: Have you been using CSS labels to submit bills for reimbursement up to now? You don’t need them anymore.

Checking & paying doctors’ bills

You’ve received the bill directly from your doctor – that’s known as tiers garant. Forward the bill to us once you’ve checked it and paid it.

Mistakes can happen

Please check your doctors’ bills carefully. If you find a mistake, let us know immediately. By checking the bills you receive as a patient, you can help to avoid unnecessary costs – and have a positive effect on premiums.

Correctly checking bills

Many doctors’ bills are unclear. You can check the following points easily. After all, only you know what services were actually provided.

Checking the bills


  1. Personal details (A): Are your date of birth and address correct?
  2. Service provider providing treatment (B): Is the service provider who treated you correct?
  3. Reason for treatment (C): Illness, accident, maternity, prevention – is the reason for treatment correct?
  4. Date (D): Is the date the service was provided correct?
  5. Tariff code + units (E)
    1. Medication item: Are the pack size and the number of packs you received correct?
    2. Duration of treatment: Does the time given correspond roughly to the total duration of your treatment?
    3. Aids item: Were you given a whole pack, or just one bandage?