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myCSS app

There may be flashier apps, but few are more practical. The myCSS app lets you submit bills as a photo, and tells you immediately what CSS pays.

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The advantages for you

  • Everything you can do with myCSS is even easier with the app.
  • Submitting bills has never been more straightforward: take a photo and upload it.
  • You see right away what costs CSS will assume for you and which providers and therapists in your area are recognised.
  • All the important information about your medical care is easy to find.
  • You can view or download documents from the last 5 years at any time, such as the annual tax statement.

Good to know


More than 1 million users appreciate the simplicity of myCSS.

What CSS pays

Quickly find out whether your fitness subscription, for example, are paid for.

Ideal in an emergency

You always have your insurance card to hand.

How the myCSS app works

With the myCSS app, you always have your digital insurance folder to hand.

Submit bill as photo

With the myCSS app, you simply take a photo of the bill. Upload it and you’re done!

Ask a question immediately

Why not ask us via Messenger? It’s similar to WhatsApp. You’ll receive a reply from us promptly. Without any hassle.

What does CSS pay?

Whether fitness course, massage or new glasses. MyCSS lets you see immediately what contribution you personally will receive. The benefit statement shows clearly what you have to pay, what CSS pays, and which costs are not insured (NIC).

Not feeling well?

You receive free medical advice around the clock – also when you're abroad. Want to check your symptoms digitally? Then the myCSS app will redirect you to the Well app.

Find the right contact person immediately

In myCSS you immediately see the right person to contact. This makes it easier to follow the rules if you forgo a free choice of doctor.

You can check and extend the time frame for the Telmed and Multimed basic insurance models.

Always to hand

The myCSS app means you always have your policies and benefit statements to hand. It's also easy at any time to find insurance certificates and tax statements issued during the past 5 years.

Digital insurance card

You can present your insurance card digitally whenever you go to the doctor’s or pharmacy. Tips for abroad: take the original insurance card with you when travelling. Because it’s not always accepted in digital form abroad.

Download the myCSS app now

The myCSS app works on smartphones and tablets with iOS 15.0 and Android 10 or later operating systems.

Frequently asked questions

The myCSS app is only available in the Google Play Store or App Store in Switzerland and its neighbouring countries. You may have to change your country settings in order to download it.

Follow our step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the process.

Yes, at myCSS, your data is absolutely secure. CSS makes protecting your privacy a top priority (Cookie Policy). That’s why it meets the very highest security and data protection standards.

Yes. By registering for myCSS, you will receive all documents elec­tro­niy­cally. You can change this delivery method in the myCSS settings at any time.

Tip: You will also receive your bills electronically. We recommend signing up for LSV, Debit Direct or eBill.