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Exercise is good for us and keeps us fit. You’ll find further details on fitness, sport and training here. And because your health is important to us, we help you pursue many of your physical activities.

Joggen im Winter: 9 Tipps für Sport an kalten Tagen
Jogging in winter

Keeping fit in winter? With a few basic tricks, you can also train when temperatures are low.

Jogging in winter

Measuring & tracking

Step counters and activity trackers to get you moving more.

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myStep: Schritte zählen und belohnt werden
The journey is the destination

More exercise, more money and better health with the electronic pedometer.

Exercise pays off
Familie geht auf einen Ausflug


Nature, mountain air and exercise: as well as being fun, hiking is good for you.

Ready for adventure
Bergsee Schweiz: Wandervorschlag zur Cadlimohütte
Mountain hiking: 4 lakes in one day

Up to the mountains to the source of the Rhine. Awaiting you is a mountain lake next to the Cadlimo hut.

The Four Sources trail
Ab in die Hütte
Fun and adventure in the hut

When there’s fun to be had in the mountain hut, even children will come to love hiking.

Ready for adventure
The fascination of trail running: interview with Kathrin Götz
Trail running

What does an ultra trail runner eat? What's the best way to recover?

To the interview
Langlauf Klassisch: Mit 4 Übungen verbessern Sie Ihre Technik
Classic cross-country skiing

Claudia Schmid presents 4 simple exercises that are well worth the effort.

Wie Klettertraining Körper und Geist herausfordert
Climbing strengthens body and mind

Bouldering is the ideal form of training for body control and concentration.

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Rückentraining zu Hause: Einfach und effektiv per App
KAIA back training app

Back training at home is easy and effective – even without equipment.

What lies behind it
Finnenbahnen in der Schweiz: 5 Outdoor Übungen
Running on a woodchip trail

Especially barefoot, the springy ground is an excellent way to train leg muscles.

Worthwhile exercises

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We support you in your efforts to stay healthy and contribute to the cost of advice.
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A step that pays off
myStep rewards your physical activity – every day.
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Digital back exercises
Our app’s practical exercises help with a stiff back.
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