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Travel insurance

Emergency abroad, trip cancellation, lost luggage – protect yourself. Choose the travel insurance that’s right for you.

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The advantages for you

  • Cost of illness and accident covered worldwide for travellers.
  • Cost of emergency transport and repatriation to Switzerland reimbursed.
  • Cost of cancelling or cutting short your trip assumed if you have cancellation insurance.
  • Insure your luggage against theft, loss and damage.

Travel insurance at a glance

Last-minute booking

You can still take out travel insurance online shortly before your departure.

Always travel carefree

For a single trip or the whole year: for 17 days, 31 days or 1 year.

Tailored to you

As individual insurance or for two or more people at the same time.

Telephone helpline

Ask the CSS emergency centre for help at any time, wherever you are.

How travel insurance works

Illness or accident abroad, lost luggage, cancellation – travel insurance provides quick and straightforward assistance as well as financial protection.

Personalised cover for your trip

Tailor your insurance to your needs. Choose from benefits that include medical costs, personal assistance, cancellation costs, luggage and legal expenses while abroad. What’s more, the Economy, Balance and Premium packages are attractively priced.

Available just before you go

You can take out travel insurance until shortly before your trip. It’s quick and easy with a credit card. Cover starts right away. So you can set off on holiday without any worries.

Overview of benefits Overview of benefits

Travel insurance


from CHF 30.00



from CHF 62.80



from CHF 102.20

Medical Costs Insurance comes into play when your health and accident insurance fails to provide sufficient cover. If faced with an emergency, it covers all the costs for doctors, medication and hospitalisation, without limit.
Insures you in the following cases: unlimited worldwide cover for rescue operations and repatriation to Switzerland; up to CHF 20,000 for search operations, advance on costs of up to CHF 10,000 for hospitalisation abroad; CHF 3,000 for visits to the sickbed by those close to the insured person (transport and accommodation); refund of additional costs for early or delayed return trips (up to CHF 5,000 for a two- or multi-person household and up to CHF 2,500 for individual insurance).
Insures against costs arising through cancellation, delayed departure or cutting short a trip, up to the agreed sum insured.
Insures your luggage against theft, loss or damage worldwide at the new-for-old value, up to the agreed sum insured.
Covers lawyers' fees, experts' fees and court costs of up to CHF 250,000 within Europe and up to CHF 50,000 outside Europe. Our partner Orion Rechtsschutz-Versicherung AG will provide you with support in legal protection cases.

Worth knowing about travel insurance

Our travel insurance lets you enjoy a straightforward, personalised travel experience. Because you choose and pay only for what you really need.

Coverage of cancellation costs

If something happens that prevents you from travelling as planned, we’ll cover the cost of insured events. Including having to return home sooner or later than expected. Notify us of the cancellation online so that we can check your entitlements.

Cancellation of travel insurance

Contracts for 31 days or less expire automatically. Annual insurance is automatically renewed on a year-by-year basis unless notice of cancellation is given. You can give notice of cancellation by email, via myCSS or by post. Please pay attention to the notice period.

Frequently asked questions

There aren’t really any cut-off dates. Events such as medical conditions that already existed before the insurance was taken out aren't included in the cover.

It doesn’t matter whether you notify us by email, myCSS or letter. What’s important is that you give us notice of cancellation in writing.

The notice period is one month. This does not apply to contracts with General Insurance Conditions (AVB) that pre-date 2016. A notice period of three months applies in this case. Check which version of the General Insurance Conditions applies to your policy.

If you already have supplementary insurance with no limit to the amount of cover worldwide, you don’t need medical costs insurance for your trip.

Yes. You’ll receive all the documents by email. Including a copy of the confirmation of insurance in English.

Good to know: If you are a myCSS user, you can find all your documents on the client portal.

You should always call the CSS emer­gency centre (+41 58 277 77 77) first. The required assistance will be quickly arranged and a commitment to provide cover issued, if necessary. Please also read the useful information for your stay abroad.

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