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Buildings Insurance

Fire, water, natural hazard events and earthquakes can cause major damage to the home you own. Buildings insurance provides comprehensive protection.

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The advantages for you

  • Covers damage to buildings caused by water, fire, storm or earthquake.
  • The home you own is covered at new-for-old value.
  • Assumes the costs of clearance, disposal, trace and access, emergency glazing and changing the locks.
  • Buildings insurance lets you take full advantage of the enjoy365 Health Shop and the active365 rewards app.

Buildings insurance at a glance

Discount for you

10% discount if you're already insured with CSS. Plus, up to 5% for multi-year contracts.

Help by phone

In an emergency, our hotline is there for you if you need to make a claim.


As a rule, your deductible is CHF 200 per loss event.

Free legal advice

Free help by phone on questions concerning Swiss law.

How buildings insurance works

As a homeowner, buildings insurance protects you against financial losses if your house is damaged by fire, lightning, water, storm or hail. It pays for necessary repairs right through to rebuilding the house.

Basic insurance cover

  • Fire: fire, smoke, lightning, explosion and implosion, falling aircraft and spacecraft or parts thereof, damage through scorching where there is no open flame
  • Natural forces: avalanche, storm, hail, snow pressure, flooding and high water, landslide, rockfall and rockslide
  • Water: flooding inside buildings caused by mains water, rain, snow, melting snow, ground water and blocked drains, and by water beds, aquariums, oil from heating systems or oil tanks
  • Earthquakes and volcanoes: damage or destruction of the insured building as a result of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

How much does buildings insurance cost?

The amount of your premium depends on the value of the building as stated in the building appraisal. Premiums are the same throughout Switzerland.

Add extra protection through supplementary cover

What cover is important to you? We recommend our policy add-ons for extra protection.

Supplementary insurance cover

  • Removal and disposal costs: We assume costs of CHF 50,000 for clearance and disposal.
  • Trace and access costs: We pay CHF 20,000 for trace and access costs.
  • Loss of rental income: We cover the loss of rental income due to fire, damage by natural forces or water.
  • Building damage in case of burglary: We assume the cost of damage to the building from burglary.

What buildings are insured?

The insurance covers single-family homes, multi-family homes with up to three apartments and owner-occupied homes that do not form part of a condominium . The buildings or apartments must be in private use.

Frequently asked questions

Unless otherwise agreed, the deductible is CHF 200 per loss event.

For damage by natural forces, you pay 10% per event, or a minimum of CHF 1,000 but no more than CHF 10,000.

Fire and natural hazard cover is available in the cantons of Graubünden, Uri, Schwyz, Ticino, Appenzell-Innerrhoden, Valais and Obwalden. These are also known as the GUSTAVO cantons. In the other cantons, only the risk of water and earthquake can be insured through CSS.

CSS may reduce the benefits and pay only part of the claim reflecting the proportion that the sum insured bears to the actual value. Underinsurance is deemed to exist if the sum insured is less than the actual value of the insured building prior to the damage.

The insurance can be cancelled at the end of the minimum contract term by giving 3 months' notice. From the third year, it can be cancelled each year as of the premium due date.

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