Driving own ideas forward with CSS Kickbox

Our employees are an important source of innovative ideas. We encourage their entrepreneurial spirit through CSS Kickbox.

What is Kickbox?

The Kickbox concept originally came from Adobe. The US software company used this in-house innovation programme to encourage staff to develop and test new ideas. Rready has shaped the programme further and created an intrapreneurship platform for Swiss companies.

CSS adopted the Kickbox process in May 2019. And it can be proud of the results: around 40 ideas have since been submitted by employees, with more than 30 of these being given a kickbox. Michal Smilowski was the first CSS employee to win a GoldBox with his Mobitheke project.

How does Kickbox work?

Employees with a promising idea can apply for a kickbox. At CSS, the Kickbox concept consists of three phases: validation, running a pilot and implementation.

RedBox: Validation

The RedBox comes with seed funding of CHF 1,000, a time budget approved by CSS amounting to 20% of normal working time, access to internal and external innovation experts plus a manual explaining how to go about validating an idea and providing valuable tips. After two months, a progress report is presented to a body made up of representatives of all areas of the company.

BlueBox: Running a pilot

If the jury’s decision is favourable, the second phase can get under way with the BlueBox. An additional CHF 10,000 to CHF 50,000 enables the employee to still devote 20% of their working time to piloting the idea and gaining initial market experience. The results are presented at the end of four months to the Corporate Executive Committee and other experts at a pitch event.

GoldBox: Implementation

If the idea manages to win over the body of experts, the third and final stage begins with the GoldBox. The employee can now work full-time on the idea. They are free to decide whether to implement the idea as a project within CSS or whether to create their own start-up company as a spin-off. An additional budget of CHF 100,000 is made available for market implementation.

What does CSS want to achieve with Kickbox?

CSS Kickbox gives our employees the opportunity to get their own meaningful ideas off the ground and thus create innovations themselves. In this way, we encourage entrepreneurship while also strengthening the internal culture of innovation. Kickbox gives employees the chance to create new products and business models, which in turn can help the healthcare system to evolve in a sustainable manner.