CSS Management

Philomena Colatrella is CEO of the CSS Group and manages the company’s operations with the assistance of the Corporate Executive Committee. The Board of Directors is responsible for strategic management. The CSS Association is the sole shareholder. The Association is represented by the Members Council.

Corporate Executive Committee


Philomena Colatrella

President of the Corporate Executive Committee
Daniel Zimmermann

Daniel Zimmermann

Head of Human Resources Management
Sanjay Singh

Sanjay Singh

Head of Benefits & Products
Patrick Frank

Patrick Frank

Head of ICT and Operational Excellence
Armin Suter

Armin Suter

Head of Finances
Patrick Deucher

Patrick Deucher

Head of Customers & Market
Michael Rieger

Michael Rieger

Head of Strategy & Corporate Services a.i.

Board of Directors

Jodok Wyer

Jodok Wyer

Visp, President since 2011
Barbara Hayoz

Barbara Hayoz

Bern, Vice president since 2019
Bernard Rüeger

Bernard Rüeger

Féchy, Member since 2013
Erich Ettlin

Erich Ettlin

Kerns, Member since 2017
Abir Oreibi

Abir Oreibi Colucci

Geneva, Member since 2019
Markus Bapst

Markus Bapst

Düdingen, Member since 2019
Patrick Raaflaub

Patrick Raaflaub

Zurich, Member since 2019

Members Council

The 40-strong Members Council represents the shareholders of the CSS Group as well as the members of the CSS Association.

Current members

  • Sonja Eisenring-Ackle (Ct. AG)
  • Beat Erzer (Ct. AG)
  • Andrea Zehnder-Zehnder (Ct. AG)
  • Patrizia Niedermayer-Schmid (Ct. AI)
  • Oliver Brosch (Ct. AR)
  • Peter Portmann (Ct. BE)
  • Stefan Weishaupt (Ct. BL)
  • Josef Niklaus Schüpfer (Ct. BS)
  • Claude Baechler (Ct. FR)
  • Rita Binz-Wohlhauser (Ct. FR)
  • Elisabeth Simonet (Ct. FR)
  • Marc-André Raetzo (Ct. GE)
  • Brigitte Kubli Schriber (Ct. GL)
  • Vincent Augustin (Ct. GR)
  • Pierre Boinay (Ct. JU)
  • Alois Amstad (Ct. LU)
  • Hans Bucher (Ct. LU)
  • Michèle Bucher (Ct. LU)
  • Hedy Eggerschwiler-Bättig (Ct. LU)
  • Roland Jenzer (Ct. NE)
  • Lisbeth Näpflin-Niederberger (Ct. NW)
  • Carla Osswald (Ct. OW)
  • Fridolin Gemperli (Kt. SG)
  • Jürg Kalberer (Ct. SG)
  • Marie-Therese Lehner (Ct. SG)
  • Hans Schwaninger (Ct. SH)
  • Hubert Bläsi (Ct. SO)
  • Thomas Marbet (Ct. SO)
  • Marcel May (Ct. SZ)
  • Othmar Suter (Ct. SZ)
  • Jakob Zähner (Ct. TG)
  • Michele Andina (Ct. TI)
  • Iwan Imholz (Ct. UR)
  • Antoine Cottier (Ct. VD)
  • Georges-Albert Barman (Ct. VS)
  • Ursula Bregy-Kreuzer (Ct. VS)
  • Irene Iten-Muff (Ct. ZG)
  • Primus Kaiser (Ct. ZH)
  • Thomas Lauber (Ct. ZH)
  • Dominik Zehnder (Ct. ZH)