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Asthma advice

Asthma can have a major impact on your day-to-day life. We offer help and access to various services to make your life easier.

The advantages for you

  • One-to-one advice identifies potential asthma triggers.
  • We check your medication.
  • You improve your inhalation technique.

Good to know

Practical help
The lung function test is performed directly at the asthma pharmacy.
Without a doctor’s appointment
Your local asthma pharmacy will answer all your questions on the topic.
Cost participation
CSS pays a share of the costs through the Health Account.
Not a substitute for a doctor
Asthma advice complements your doctor’s advice, but is not intended as a substitute.

How asthma counselling works

Besides medical treatment, we offer you support in cooperation with certified AsthmaCheck pharmacies. You choose a certified pharmacy as your point of contact where specialists will provide answers to your questions on asthma, offer control tests and conduct lung function tests.

The programme is currently only available in German.


Die Ferienlager richten sich an Kinder (8 bis 12 Jahre) und Jugendliche (13 bis 16 Jahre) mit Asthma. In einer Woche erhalten die Kinder fachgerechte Betreuung und lernen spielerisch Wichtiges über Asthma und den richtigen Umgang damit.


The place to go for advice on asthma is a certified pharmacy in your local area.

The counselling is aimed at asthma patients. The following will be offered at the counselling session:

  • Lung function test: see how well your lungs are doing.
  • Asthma action plan: check whether your medication dosage is still correct.
  • Improve your inhalation technique: the contact person in the pharmacy will explain to you how best to inhale.
  • Get answers to your questions: your local asthma pharmacy is happy to answer your questions.

To make an appointment, simply contact a certified pharmacy in your local area.

  • Children’s camp: The camp is aimed at children aged 8 to 12 years with asthma. Please register online.
  • Youth camp: The camp is aimed at youngsters aged 13 to 16 years with asthma. Registrations can be made online.

CSS pays a share of the costs through the Health Account. You pay for the consultation directly at the time, then submit the bill to us by post or via myCSS for reimbursement.