What benefit is covered?

myCSS and the myCSS app provide immediate clarity thanks to the Benefits Check in the client portal that gives you an answer within seconds.

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Immediate clarity about your benefits

Have you ever asked yourself whether or not your insurance contract covers a particular benefit, or if a certain therapist is recognised? From A for acupuncture to Z for zilgrei – the myCSS client portal and myCSS app make checking your benefits really easy.

  • You see straight away what benefits you are entitled to.
  • Your maximum retention fee is set out clearly.
  • Potential gaps in cover are displayed.
  • Find out which insurance covers the benefit.

Therapists displayed within seconds

  • The Benefits Check immediately shows you recognised providers in your local area.
  • Therapists are grouped together clearly by distance.
  • The search function makes it easy to find a suitable provider
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Do everything digitally

No more paperwork: CSS lets you do it all with your smartphone.

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