Franziska Guggisberg

Franzisika Guggisberg


Superfood rosehip

Native, brilliant red and full of vitamin C.

Native superfood: bilberry

The native bilberry is full of vitamins and antioxidants.

Bilberry recipe
Eating a healthy lunch

How can I eat healthily and nutritiously at work?

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Are eggs healthy?

The yolk of the egg contains many valuable nutrients – and a lot of cholesterol.

Are eggs healthy?
Mann arbeitet am Computer im Homeoffice
And suddenly so much is possible

The coronavirus requires working from home and flexible working forms.

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Myth 1: does coffee dehydrate the body?
Does coffee dehydrate the body?

Should we drink a glass of water with our coffee to compensate for the loss of fluid? We find out whether this is really necessary.

Nutritional myths
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