Livia Bieri

Livia Bieri

Sports Scientist

Track your diet

Counting calories is tedious. Food tracking apps are designed to help.

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Training with core sliders

Slippery, space-saving and effective – training with core sliders is worth the effort.

11 effective exercises
Non-stop stress on the mind

Mental load is the burden of having to remember all the little things that need doing.

Reducing the mental load
Native superfood: millet

Millet is packed with nutrients and gluten-free too.

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Sicher unterwegs mit dem E-Bike? Ja, klar doch!
E-bikes and safety?

Yes, of course! How to ride your e-bike safely.How to ride your e-bike safely.

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Intervalltraining: Kurzes Training mit grossem Nutzen
HIIT workouts

High-intensity interval training works up a good sweat.

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Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz hilft gegen Nackenschmerzen
«Neck-friendly» computer work

A few simple tricks can help reduce pain at the workplace.

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Oats in place of quinoa and co.

Designated as a medicinal plant in 2017, oats are one of Switzerland's native superfoods.

Breakfast with oats
Slow Carbs: Dank sättigenden Kohlenhydraten länger satt
Lose weight more easily with slow carbs

Why it’s better to choose a wholegrain roll when you want to lose weight.

How to stay slim
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