The amazing human body

The human body is a marvel of nature. Read interesting facts and find tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Night sweats

Drenched pyjamas and soaking wet bedlinen? Home remedies help.

Helpful tips
Bladder infection

The symptoms can be alleviated with natural home remedies.

What you can do
Spring fatigue

Feeling lethargic? Spring can make us tired – but it doesn't have to be that way.

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Clean teeth the right way

How often, how long and when? How to achieve optimal oral hygiene.

Cleaning techniques
Clean your tongue

There are a range of devices that can be used for tongue hygiene. An overview of tools and household products.

Here’s how
Healthy oral flora

Diet and oral hygiene can be used to promote and maintain a healthy oral flora.

These tips help
Oil pulling for dental health

Does oil pulling supplement cleaning our teeth? How it works and what it achieves.

Read the facts
Meaning of a coated tongue

A coated tongue says a lot about the state of our health.

Potential causes
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