Viruses such as flu, colds, corona

A viral infection usually follows a mild course. However, it can have serious consequences for high-risk patients, pregnant women and babies. How to protect yourself or regain your health again quickly.


Training with a cold

Sport strengthens the immune system. But what to do if you get a fever?

Exercise correctly

Echinacea – medicinal plant

The flower strengthens our immune system and can help prevent colds.

How echinacea works
Immunsystem stärken

Boosting your immune system

6 simple tips for boosting your immune system the natural way.

Do it now
Hausmittel gegen Erkältung

Getting rid of a cold

Soothe colds, coughs and other ailments with plant-based products.

Discover remedies
Das hilft bei Grippe

Fighting off flu

Tips to combat flu symptoms and when it’s advisable to see a doctor.

This helps

Sore throats

Salt water gargles and quark compresses: soothe sore throats with home remedies.

Household remedies

Protection against viruses

How can we protect ourselves from viruses? Simple tricks can help you fend them off.

Our 6 tips
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