Stomach & digestion

Digestion is a complex process. Find out more about your stomach and digestive system, and read our health tips.


Stomach cramps? Can I do anything about them?

Whether stress or the wrong food: stomach cramps can have many causes.

Household remedy or doctor?
Darmgesundheit: so beeinflusst der Darm Körper und Psyche
The gut: a true marvel

Trillions of bacteria of the intestinal flora have a fundamental influence on our health.

What you need to know
Is colon cleansing effective?

Our intestinal flora influences our well-being and strengthens the immune system.

Here’s how
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Healthy eating

Change your nutrition

Not a diet. But a simple way to learn how to eat in a varied and balanced manner.

How it works
Mutter und Kind beim Kochen

Healthy recipes

Looking for recipes for a healthy, balanced diet?

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