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Health Account

We contribute to your fitness and support your efforts to stay healthy.

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The advantages for you

  • We pay up to CHF 800 a year towards your costs.
  • In addition, we pay up to CHF 1,800 for a CSS check-up every three years.
  • Wide choice of offers and providers in Switzerland.
  • Free when you take out certain supplementary insurance.

Our contributions

Fitness & courses
We contribute to gym memberships and classes.
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Yoga & other
How to get contributions towards your course costs.
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Back & exercise classes
You work on your muscles – we support you financially.
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Family activities
From antenatal courses to parent and child gymnastics – we support you.
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Clubs & season passes
Are you in a sports club? Do you have a climbing pass?
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CSS check-up
Prevention is better than cure – take advantage of our health evaluation.
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In-pharmacy offers
We support you through health-related offers available at your pharmacy.
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How it works

Your health is important to us. Whether you prefer to train at the gym, do sport outdoors or go to parent and child fitness classes, we contribute to a wide range of exercise offers and support your efforts to stay healthy and improve your physical well-being. Because, as your health partner, we go the extra mile for you.  

Health Account

You benefit from the Health Account if you have both of the following insurance products:

  • myFlex Outpatient Insurance
  • myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance

Good to know: You will be given an Economy, Balance or Premium Health Account. The level depends on your chosen Hospitalisation Insurance. 

Balance-level Health Account

The following insurance products allow you to benefit from a Balance-level Health Account (with no CSS check-up): CSS Standard Insurance, CSS Standard Plus Insurance, Semi-private Hospitalisation Insurance, Private Hospitalisation Insurance.

Overview of Health Account benefits Overview of Health Account benefits

Health Account

Our contribution towards your health


Helpful contributions towards your health.



Wide-ranging support for your health.



Generous contributions towards your health and prevention measures.

50%, max. CHF 300 per calendar year (fitness, exercise, other courses, max. CHF 150 each)
50%, max. CHF 500 per calendar year (fitness, exercise, other courses, max. CHF 250 each)
50%, max. CHF 700 per calendar year (fitness, exercise, other courses, max. CHF 500 each)
Half-day check-up (Can be claimed 1x per 3 insured calendar years, 80% of costs covered, max. CHF 720)
Full-day check-up (Can be claimed 1x per 3 insured calendar years, 100% of costs covered, max. CHF 1,800)

Health Account Bonus

The Health Account Bonus is an enhanced version of the Health Account. You will also receive the Health Account Bonus if you make use of the following offers:

  • Balance or Premium Health Account
  • Death and Disability Insurance
  • myFlex Alternative Insurance
  • Dental Insurance

Overview of Health Account Bonus benefits

  • 50%, max. CHF 100/calendar year
    • Contributions to active membership in sports clubs.
    • Contributions to seasonal and annual passes to public open-air and indoor swimming pools (in Switzerland).
    • Contributions to seasonal and annual passes to public climbing and bouldering centres in Switzerland.
    • Contributions to the Swiss cross-country skiing pass and local seasonal passes of Loipen Schweiz and its regional organisations.
  • CHF 50 every three insured calendar years
    • Contribution to FITBIT®, Garmin® (with the exception of the vivofit jr series) and POLAR® activity trackers for myStep members.
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