Ayurveda Massage: Mehr als sanfte Striche mit Öl

Massages: what CSS pays

Massages can work wonders. We’ll pay a share of the cost of your medical or classic massage if you have myFlex Alternative Insurance.

Massages: par­ti­ci­pa­tion in costs

Basic insurance doesn’t cover any costs for medical or classic massages. With myFlex Alternative Insurance, you get contributions towards alternative treatment methods such as massages.

How much you get

We pay 75% of the costs per year. The maximum amount depends on the level of insurance.

  • Up to CHF 200 a year with myFlex Alternative Insurance, Economy.
  • Up to CHF 600 a year with myFlex Alternative Insurance, Balance.
  • Up to CHF 2,000 a year with myFlex Alternative Insurance, Premium.

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Alternative Insurance

Add treatment methods like shiatsu or homeopathy to your insurance.

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