Fatigue syndrome

Fatigue syndrome is a common description for symptoms that can have various causes or be a con­se­quence of mental and physical illnesses and their treatment.


Chronic fatigue syn­drome (CFS) on the other hand is relatively rarely diagnosed and constitutes a disease in its own right. Doctors describe chronic fatigue syn­drome (CFS) as a serious, polymorphic neuroimmunological disease (neuroimmunological = affecting both the nervous and immune system). The main symptoms are extreme mental and physical fatigue and tiredness that can't be explained by an underlying physical cause or a specific mental disorder. Patients also suffer from a wide variety of other complaints.


Patients present with different symptoms in differing degrees of severity. Chronic fatigue syndrome is mainly characterised by extreme tiredness that usually started at a definable point in time and has lasted for at least six months. CFS should not be confused with the kind of fatigue that is often experienced by people suffering from cancer or other serious chronic diseases, which is called fatigue syndrome. Although the symptoms are similar, fatigue syndrome has a different cause. Symptoms are also similar to those of other diseases such as fibromyalgia, which is a rheumatic disease.

Possible therapies

Experts have not yet reached agreement on the best way to treat chronic fatigue syndrome. But one thing is certain: CFS treatment should be tailored to the individual patient. It usually focuses on the symptoms that most affect the patient (e.g. problems sleeping, pain) and accompanying disorders, and should include both medication and non-medication-assisted measures.

When to see a doctor?

You should definitely see a doctor if you’ve been experiencing tiredness for a lengthy period of time. This also applies if the tiredness occurs suddenly for no discernible reason or is considerably worse than normal.


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