Bones & muscles

Strong bones and healthy muscles are important to our sense of well-being. Activity and exercise play a major role in this. We support you by providing tips for an active lifestyle.

These exercises will correct your hollow back
Correcting a hollow back

These exercises will correct your hollow back.

Ttips to relieve lumbago

Raise legs, apply warmth: what you can do to help yourself with lumbago.

Kniearthrose: Arthrose heilen
Osteoarthritis of the knee

The knee is the joint most affected by osteoarthritis. Which therapy helps?

Relieve pain
Rheuma: Symptome und Behandlung
Rheumatism: what lies behind it

Rheumatism covers 200 diseases. How to treat rheumatism?

Treating rheumatism
Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz hilft gegen Nackenschmerzen
«Neck-friendly» computer work

A few simple tricks can help reduce pain at the workplace.

See for yourself
Was bewirkt Krafttraining?
Age is no excuse not to train

Targeted strength training strengthens muscles and bones at any age.

Better late than never
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Online training for pain

Exercise videos and tips in the medicalmotion app help relieve pain and tension.

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Junge spielt Fussball und sein Skateboard liegt herum

Fitness and exercise tips

Lead a healthier life with more exercise – these tips will help you get started.

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