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Difficulty sleeping? Try online sleep training

Do you have difficulty sleeping? The online sleep training from mementor can help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

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The advantages for you

  • Training is not tied to any particular place or time.
  • Training is tailored to you and your needs.
  • You'll learn everyday relaxation techniques.
  • You'll find the best times for you to sleep.

Good to know

Proven to be effective
Studies show that participants fall asleep faster, are awake for shorter periods during the night, and are 25% more able to function throughout the day.
Developed by experts
Online sleep training was developed by mementor in collaboration with universities and sleep centres.
Easy & digital
The virtual sleep coach asks you questions, optimises your sleep behaviour and enhances your sleep knowledge.

How it works

The training consists of several modules. A digital sleep expert teaches you important facts about sleep, shows you relaxation exercises and helps you identify the best times for you to sleep. It's all based on your digital sleep diary.